Orange peel patterns or hemp spots appear on the surface of blow molding products


Cause of occurrence:

①Poor exhaust of mould 

②Leakage of mould or condensation of mold cavity 

③Poor plasticity of parison

④Insufficient blowing pressure 

⑤Blowing speed is slow 

⑥Blow ratio is too small

Solution measures:

①The mould parison is subject to sand blasting, and the vent hole is added. 

②Repair the mould and adjust the cooling temperature of the mould above the 'dew point' ③Reduce screw speed and increase heating temperature of extruder 

④Raise the blowing pressure 

⑤Clean the compressed air passage and check if the blowing rod is leaking 

⑥Replace die sleeve and die core to improve billet blowing ratio

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