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Extrusion blow molding machine

1.As our standard series, it performs well and years of development and improvement has won wide acknowledge from our clients. Annual global sales have reached hundreds of sets.

2.Plastic products from 1ml to 30L are suitable to be made on this machine, like medicine bottle, toy, cosmetic bottle, juice bottle, tool packaging, jerry can and so on.

3.Number of layers: 1 layer to 6 layers.

4.According to different needs can be equipped with conveyor, labeling machine, manipulator, Bottle leak detector, packing machine and so on .


Extrusion blow molding machine

In order to develop high efficiency and energy saving special custom models according to the production needs of different product characteristics, such as pharmaceutical packaging special machine, milk bottle special machine, beverage bottle special machine, oil barrel / daily chemical barrel / civil barrel special machine, drip pipe special machine.

TVA 20L-3000L

1. “A” Series is well applied to produce various kinds of blow molded products, such as chemical drum, toolbox kids play toy, chair, auto parts and pallet.Machine can effortlessly stores material in a short time with the design of accumulator die head, and with imported hydraulic control system, it runs more reliably and steadily. We also adopt advanced parison controller system to precisely even the wall thickness of products.

2.Number of layers: 1 layer to 3 layers.

3.Clamping Structure: Three-plate and inclined arm double pull-rod work together with the clamping structure.Plates are big enough to hold large-sized mould and mould opening & closing operates stably. More importantly deformation is no way to appear.



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