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In the past 30 years of blow-molding experience with the development of continuous innovation technology, the supply, manufacture, information data and intelligence in the production can be realized, and finally, the machine supply with high speed and high efficiency can be achieved.

Intelligent production 

Through the system upgrade and optimization of machinery and equipment to achieve "human-computer interaction", users can give a variety of instructions through mobile phone and equipment online to check the operation of the machine, production status and so on, so as to achieve a truly simple and fast operation.

Industrial robot 

The industrial robot is a kind of multi-joint manipulator or multi-degree-of-freedom machine device, which is used to perform the work automatically in the blow molding process, and realizes many kinds of functions, such as taking out the product, automatic transmission and so on, by relying on its own power and control ability. It can be directed by the user or run according to the pre-arranged program to provide a fast and safe production environment for the user.


Focus on Blow Molding Machine R & D and manufacture for 30 years

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