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Advisory services:First-class sales team can provide your products with the most cost-effective equipment solutions according to your requirements.

Custom service:Our professional technical department can "tailor" the model plan for your products according to your special requirements.

Reception services:After the customer confirms the visit to the factory, we will arrange a visit to the plant so that you can quickly and fully understand us.

Set up a number of offices at world to provide pre-sale after-sales service

China:Southwest Office, North China Office, Taizhou Office, East China Office, Jiangxi Office provide you with pre-sales service.

Overseas region: Egypt Office, Russia Office, Bangladesh Office, Argentina Office.

Online consultation and reception service

Alibaba China Website/Alibaba International Website,https://yhtongfa.1688.com   http://tonva.en.alibaba.com

Made in china,http://tongfasj.en.made-in-china.com


HC INTERNATIONAL, INC.https://yhtfsj2018.b2b.hc360.com

We provide a 24-hour reply service to provide you with an online proposal.



Focus on Blow Molding Machine R & D and manufacture for 30 years

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