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Dear clients and friends

How are you?

First of all, thank you for your concern and support for the same development for a long time!

The development of society is increasing, and every development will bring a new change in the market. With the deepening of the fourth industrial revolution (industrial 4.0) led by intelligent manufacturing in Germany and the rise of "Internet" to the national development strategy, the demand of customers is becoming more and more diversified, refined, intelligent and professionalized. Intelligent manufacturing is recognized as the trend of industrial development in the world, and it is also the criterion to represent the level of a national industry in a country. As a result, we have carried out a new round of industrial upgrading, and formulated a new enterprise positioning of "intelligent factory", committed to providing more intelligent and capable blow molding solutions for industry users. At the same time, in order to provide users with more convenient and better browsing experience, after a period of programming and testing, our official website was also officially launched today.

The website adheres to the concept of "customer satisfaction as the focus of attention". In the layout, the home page has 8 navigation plates, each plate function is clear, the content is rich, convenient for you to quickly obtain the desired product and service information;

Using a new design language and visual style, to provide you with a better sense of vision and browsing, we sincerely hope that you visit and pay attention to our website, so that TONVA and you hand in hand!


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